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Company's Background

The development that we have achieved so far has been possible because of the advancement in human civilization, humanitarian needs and collective aspirations.
Humanitarian needs, aspirations and the search for transformation can be regarded as the mother of development. We are on the look out for new concepts in every sector in order to fulfill our unlimited needs. The age we are living in is moving with a rapid pace. Technological developments are at the summit and have posed major challenges for geographical demarcations. On the basis of geographical variations, humanitarian necessities are found varied and so are the production of goods and services. New technological developments are helping to spread goods and services produced in one place to another and to make appropriate and effective marketing management.

The first decade of the 21st century has witnessed an enormous leap in the International Marketing System. Following the global trend, Nepal has incorporated economic liberalization and open economic policy since the 90's. Making its gateway through SAFTA, Nepal has entered WTO to cover a wider arena of global market. Nepal has attempted to establish herself as a competitor in the global market. For this, Nepal has also incorporated world-wide acclaimed new concept of marketing i.e. Network Marketing System.
During the 40's, the world market came up with a new innovation in marketing sector, known by the name 'NETWORK MARKETING SYSTEM'. At present, this system has been able to capture around 30% of the world market. In the recent years, marketing business activities have evolved under the Network Marketing System. Herbo International Pvt. Ltd. has stressed on the expansion of sale and distribution of its products through Network Marketing System within the country and abroad.
On the one hand it has been contributing in all-round employment and on the other hand, it creates consumer community that helps to emphasize on creating awareness and the use of indigenous goods.  Income generated from such sources lays the foundation for the revolution in socio-economic aspects. As a reminder, to sum up all facts and figures, Herbo International Pvt. Ltd., through Network Marketing System wants to revolutionize and create a milestone for the establishment of positive, progressing and prosperous New Nepal, is embracing the global needs of organic products.
The use of organic products help to lower pollution, reduce carbon-dioxide- the main component for global warming and dangerous wastes. Organic products contain higher level of vitamin C, cancer fighting agents and antioxidant which play pivotal role in maintaining healthy life.
Unlike other profit making companies, the Company doesn't only aim at profit making but envisions making the global citizens responsible with "Ask not what the world can give you but what you can give to the world". The Company has successfully completed its glorious three years winning and satisfying its customers' needs and desires. Ending the phase of struggle, in the days to come, the Company moves toward its institutional and qualitative development. For this noble and humble cause, Herbo International Pvt. Ltd. plea the cooperation from all