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Ethics of Herbo
Points to Remember by Herbo Customers/Distributors

Direct Customers/Distributors must not provide false interpretations, explanations and suggestions in the process of making new recommendations and advertisements about products and services offered.

Direct Customers/Distributors while making advertisements and recommendations to expected customers must be clear and well informed about the products and services provided.

It is vital to keep informed about the activities of Herbo International Pvt. Ltd. Herbo Business School Pvt. Ltd., a sister organization of Herbo International Pvt. Ltd., organizes various training and seminars for its Customers/Distributors to enhance their knowledge about the Company, its Products, Marketing and Distribution Policy etc. Besides, one must go through magazines and articles published under Herbo International Pvt. Ltd to keep oneself updated.

Direct Customers/Distributors must give easy, clear and concrete information about the Company's products and services with confidence in case of inquiry related to products and services offered.

Direct Customers/Distributors selling products must have clear information about the company's products, expiry date and ingredients used in their production.Form provided to Customer(s) must be duly and clearly filled in with detailed Customer's information like full name, address, e-mail address and other personal details.Direct Customer(s) /Distributor(s) must have pleasing personality. S/he ought to be polite and maintain decency in dealing and be formally dressed to meet social ethic.

Direct Customers/Distributors must clearly know and follow the Company's rules and regulations. As Direct Customers/Distributors are people in direct contact for the company, they must be responsible to make themselves and other clear about the Company's rules and regulations.