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Our Commitment

Time is dynamic. Those who understand the flow of time step the ladder of success. This is true with the world today. The nation that moves ahead with the vision to fulfill its requirements; the requirements of the world and uses information technology can make economic gain and become a well-to-do nation. And the nation which can't dramatize its vision lags behind in all respects. The key to successful economic prosperity and business activities lies in open economic policy, well managed marketing system and the wise use of means, resources and human networks.

In the context of Nepal too, there is a marked influence of world economic liberalization policy and information technology. Nepal is developing and it becomes the moral duty of all Nepalese to make the country an economically affluent country. For this, there is the necessity of positive thoughts and innovative experimentations and Herbo International Pvt. Ltd. has stood as an example for this.

To make Nepal well-off, it is important to mobilize land, water, herbs and human force. The principal need of the country today is to make the accurate use of internal means, resources and human force for the promotion of cottage industries, their professional development and internationalization. The herbal sector is the best and easiest alternative for competition in the international market because it is within the reach of all groups of people. So, Herbo International Pvt. Ltd. has attempted to produce herbal products for human ornamentation and market them in the international market through the most effective marketing system of the 21st century i.e. Network Marketing System.

Completing its glorious three years of service and winning the hearts of thousand valued Customers/Distributors Herbo International Pvt. Ltd. has stepped into its fourth years of human service. As the company had been able to closely observe circumstances of the past, it has been able to come up to this height of success. It is our major responsibility to purge and boycott network companies with negative approaches that hollow the country's economy like termites and promote those companies meeting international standards. Herbo International Pvt. Ltd. is no exception.

Herbo International Pvt. Ltd. extends gratitude to its valued Customers/ Distributors for their continual support to popularize the Company in the international market. We are firmly determined to discharge our responsibilities to work for the well being of our Customers/Distributors and uplift the glory of this Company to the height of Everest. We want to assure the best to all Herbo and network admirers.