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Proud of Herbo

The manufacturing capabilities of Herbo International Pvt. Ltd. have proved its strong commitment for high export quality products by the use of indigenously found natural Himalayan herbs. The Company gives full satisfaction and guarantee for its products. It has accepted its social responsibilities as well. Our company is very conscious and committed to environmental preservation. It believes in the judicious use of the limited resources available to save the environment from all forms of damages.

Herbo products form the core of Herbo International Pvt. Ltd. The products are completely organic, biodegradable, eco-friendly and don't produce CFCs and reduce carbon dioxide-the main green house gas and dangerous waste. The packaging materials can be recycled to make packaging materials and avoid wastage.

In the promotion of business through Network Marketing System, consumers can establish human relationship by verbal advertisement which enhances cordial human relationship and promote group and team work. Besides, it helps to utilize time, develop attitude, enlarge working sector, enhance companionship and share true information by the use of leverage system.

Business activities, through this system, establishes positive attitude in society by developing and building leadership quality, personality, inspirational attitudes, dignified lifestyle, knowledge, potentialities, cordial collective feeling and efforts and eliminates socio-economic differences for a developed and prosperous nation.

Herbo International Pvt. Ltd. has incorporated the world's unique marketing system so that it can dedicate itself in the service of its valued Customers/Distributors and for the socio-economic transformation of the nation. The Company has rendered three years of its glorious service to mankind. We feel proud for the Company's humble cause and noble products.