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Salient Features of the Company

Satisfaction and Quality" - Use of Company's goods and services  by customers themselves and encouraging expected customers for the same.

Opportunity for team work" - Platform for positive thoughts, cooperative feeling, considerate and dignified friend circle.

Independent and self-reliant society" - Pious thought to establish oneself and others.

Sustainable income opportunity for secured future.

Education" - To better transform the physical, mental, intellectual, spiritual and economic aspect of life.

Art" - To develop leadership quality, economic management and investment and self confidence as well.

Trade / Business" - Zero investment, safe and risk free investment which is time relative.

Leverage System" - Establish human relation by sharing satisfaction with other through recommendation.

Foundation for prosperous life" - Can be obtained free of cost on becoming customer.

Base for national economic transformation" - Shrewd use of means and resources available within Nepal.